Moving to!

Hey Wise ladies and other readers.

I’m moving this here blog to

Would you be so kind as to follow me over? And if you’ve been kind enough to link to me, could you be even kinder and update said link?

My grand experiment in comparing free hosted blogs with self-hosted has shown me I am definitely the self-hosted blog type. I have a few blogs, so I already had the server space and besides, the lack of customization was killing me here. I’m a tweaker, don’t ya know.

Guess what? All of your comments have been moved over already! So just because I’m leaving, don’t think I’m not taking all of your good karma with me.

In a few days, the backlog of posts here will be gone, but rest assured, all of them remain intact over at our new place.

Thanks for reading me here! I look forward to seeing you all in the new spot.


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